Football betting is a widely favored form of entertainment that not only allows players to have fun but also offers the opportunity to earn extra income. For seasoned players, the term "general handicap betting rules" is undoubtedly familiar. However, for those new to sports betting, it might still be a relatively unfamiliar concept. To provide guidance on this matter, our article below will help players better understand general handicap betting rules.

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Types of General Handicap Betting
Win Betting (Outright)
Placing a win bet is the result of thorough research and careful analysis. Once you have gone through clear analysis articles, you can confidently place your win bet.
In cases where the match or the round is changed or postponed, the bet will be canceled.
According to the Dead Heat rule, applied to final outcome bets, half of the betting amount will be calculated into the odds, while the other half will be deducted. If there are two winners, the betting amount will be evenly divided.
Handicap Betting (HDP)
Handicap betting involves one team starting the match with a lead in terms of score. This score becomes effective as soon as the match starts. The winner will be the team that performs better after considering the handicap points. The specific handicap betting rules are defined in the bookmaker's specific betting regulations for each match.
Information with Handicap Betting Rules in Football Betting

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Over/Under - Total Goals (OU)
Over/Under betting involves predicting the total number of points (goals, red cards, yellow cards, etc.) in the final outcome of a match. For example, if the total points exceed the predefined number, it is called "over," and if the total points are less than the predefined number, it is called "under."
Odd/Even (OE)
Odd/Even is a relatively new type of bet in the general handicap betting rules. It involves betting on whether the total final outcome of the match will be an odd or even number.
Parlay Betting (XAU/Xien)
Parlay betting combines a minimum of three matches into one bet with a single betting amount. If almost all selections win, the parlay bet will be paid with the odds of the two selections multiplied together. If one or more selections lose, the parlay bet loses. If one or more selected matches are postponed or canceled, the odds will be calculated as 1.
Half-Time/Full-Time (HT/FT)
In HT/FT betting, players predict the result of either the first half or the full match, excluding extra time or overtime. H means the home team, D means a draw, and A means the away team.
For example, HA means the home team will lead in the first half, and the away team will lead in the full match.

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The above information summarizes all the general handicap betting rules in football betting, compiled by our experts. We hope that this useful information will help you achieve many victories in football betting.