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Guide To Play Booking Bet in Football Betting

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Many newcomers often wonder, 'What is a booking bet?' This is one of the questions frequently asked by enthusiasts of football betting. Booking bets, also known as Total Bookings in English, have become increasingly popular among various bookmakers. However, if you're used to traditional betting methods, you might not be familiar with this type of bet. In this article, Wintips will provide you with detailed information on booking bets and some effective tips for newcomers.

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Understanding the Booking Bet
Booking bets, or Total Bookings, encompass both yellow card (booking) and red card (dismissal) bets. When you choose this type of bet, you are essentially predicting the number of yellow and red cards that will be issued in an upcoming football match. The outcome of the match, whether a win or a loss for either team, does not affect the result of the booking bet. Many bettors are drawn to booking bets because they are relatively easy to predict. These bets add an extra layer of excitement to a match, as they depend on factors such as player behavior, the history of head-to-head clashes, and tactics.
Compared to betting on goals, booking bets are considered more favorable and can be a relatively easy way to make money. In a specific match, you can predict the number of yellow and red cards in either the first half or the entire game, depending on the options provided by the bookmaker. Overall, the simplicity of this type of bet and the attractive odds for payouts are its main advantages.
In intense and high-stakes matches, the number of cards issued can be quite significant. Additionally, various strategies can be employed to make more accurate card predictions.

Exploring Different Types of Booking Bets in Football
Now that you understand what booking bets are, let's delve into the various types of booking bets. Wintips will clarify any questions you may have. Please refer to the following information for a better understanding.
Booking bets involve more than just predicting the number of yellow and red cards in a match. To determine the outcome, we must consider different types of bets. Currently, booking bets are divided into Asian Handicap and Over/Under betting with slightly different calculation methods.

Booking cards based on the Asian Handicap betting method
Booking card handicap is similar to the Asian Handicap betting. According to the rules, this type of bet also features the favorite team (team above) and the underdog team (team below). The way the bookmakers present this bet allows players to easily compare the number of booking cards between the two teams, much like the total goal bet. In calculating the booking card odds, it is based on the final result and is settled after the official match.
Currently, booking card handicap in Asian handicap betting can be placed for both the first half and the entire match, as follows:
Booking cards can include yellow and red cards.
The handicap odds provided by the bookmakers may change continuously throughout the match, which you can clearly see on the odds board.
Yellow and red cards are only counted within the ongoing match and within the confines of the stadium.
A yellow card is equivalent to 1 point, and a red card is equivalent to 2 points.
Booking card bets for the entire match are abbreviated as FT, and first half bets are called HT.
 Guide To Play Booking Bet in Football Betting

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Booking cards over/under betting
Once you understand what booking card betting is, applying this bet in over/under (O/U) betting is relatively straightforward. According to the conventions of today's bookmakers, the over/under bet is also referred to as 'over' and 'under.' Bookmakers will provide predicted numbers for the total number of cards that will be given by the referees during the match, which applies to both teams playing on the field.
At this point, you simply bet on whether the actual number of cards given will be more or less than the number provided by the bookmaker, specifically:
Over (O) is a bet that the actual total number of cards will be higher than the bookmaker's prediction.
Under (U) is a bet that the actual total number of cards will be lower than the bookmaker's prediction.

Tips for successful booking card betting for newcomers
Certainly, once you have all the information about booking card bets and various types of bets, you may wonder if there are any tips for consistently winning with these bets. To increase your chances of success when analyzing these bets, consider some valuable tips:
Check the card history of the players in previous matches. If a player has already received a yellow card, they may exercise more caution in the current match.
Research the playing history of both teams: If both teams are professional and disciplined, the number of cards received may be significantly lower.
Understanding the referee for that match is crucial. If you have a strict referee, you can expect a higher number of cards in the match compared to a typical one.

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These are all the detailed information about booking card bets and some effective tips for newcomers that Wintips wants to share with you. We hope that this article can help you resolve any uncertainties you may have when getting started.



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