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What is a 3-way handicap bet? Surely, for novice bettors, the 3-way bet is a completely new and unfamiliar concept. Let's explore effective football tips stats in this article to eliminate confusion and claim substantial rewards in betting!

What is a 3-way handicap bet?
The 3-way handicap bet, also known as the 3-ball bet, is derived from the Asian handicap. However, in the 3-way bet, the odds will be rounded to a tie. Additionally, odds like 0.5, 0.25, 0.75 won't appear as they do in the Asian handicap.
This has been a type of bet that bookmakers have offered to players in various forms. You can place bets based on the overall match or opt for a single outcome. Moreover, to enhance player choice, there are over/under bets combined with the 3-way handicap bet.

How is the 3-way handicap bet calculated?
Compared to the Handicap bet, the 3-way soccer betting is played similarly by placing bets on the entire match or just the first half.
The winnings with this 3-ball bet are calculated using the following formula:
Winnings=Bet amount x Odds of the 3-way handicap bet.
And you'll lose the entire bet amount if the result is a loss. The bookmaker will refund the entire bet if the match is canceled.

Experiences in applying the 3-way handicap bet
The key point to approach this game more easily is the experience of experts. Similar to other types of bets, the 3-way handicap bet demands basic know-how. Consequently, your chances of winning will be higher than usual, reducing potential losses significantly. Here are some experiences with betting tips 1x2 app compiled in this article from seasoned bettors for those engaging in 3-ball bets.

Choosing a reputable bookmaker
Before placing bets, you must select a reputable bookmaker that many players trust. This choice helps avoid scams if, unfortunately, you engage with a fraudulent bookmaker. Subsequently, within the same match, compare the odds between bookmakers. This way, for the 3-way handicap bet, you'll choose the bookmaker offering the best odds.
Maintaining a stable mindset while betting
The main concern is the psychological state of the player as it affects their decisions. Analyze each match thoroughly before placing bets and make choices independently. Absolutely do not let yourself be influenced by other players.

Knowing how to choose the right matches
You need to select the matches with the highest probability of winning because each match carries different winning probabilities. Expert advice suggests minimizing the risk of losing bets by choosing matches between weaker and stronger teams.

Effectively managing your capital in three-way handicap betting
Don't just bet on a single match; instead, diversify your bets across multiple matches. It's crucial to know how to control your capital. You can use winnings from other matches to compensate if unfortunate losses occur.
Therefore, it's essential to have a budgeting strategy when engaging in three-way handicap betting. When planning your finances, set a maximum limit for the total amount you're willing to spend in a day. This acts as a safety net in case of losses.
Analyzing each team's situation
Players are influenced before matches begin due to external factors. Thus, before the match unfolds, analyze the situation based on the following criteria:
Evaluate the recent performance of each opponent and how individual players are performing. For instance, ask questions like: Is a player suspended or injured?
Has the team's coach received warnings and cannot lead the next match?
Do the club or players have psychological issues affecting their morale?

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The article has provided insights into three-way handicap betting for fellow betting enthusiasts to reference. Wishing everyone success!



Players can come to know for playing the Handicap bets in football. They can learn tips and strategies that help them win the betting games.

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Вы здесь » Заработок и отдых в Интернете » OGame » GUIDE TO PLAYING 3-WAY HANDICAP BETS IN FOOTBALL