Cenforce can be continued for a long time once the doctor prescribes the dose. However, seeing a doctor sometime in the middle is an important step, which many men skip. Though prescribed Cenforce can be continued, but check-ups at regular intervals are always good. Cenforce 100mg is a safe drug. Its use can be done for years. Men have been using Cenforce for years.
Erectile dysfunction surely goes away if Cenforce is taken as a treatment. In rare cases, the drug is not the right treatment. By and large, Cenforce does not apply to men having physical problems. If a physician comes across health problems like kidney problems, liver problems, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart ailments etc. he might not advise taking of it.
A healthcare provider needs to know the complete medical history of men. Based on that only he can decide whether the drug is suitable to take or not. Hence, go to your doctor with all your past medical records and then only take the ED drug. Men above 18 years are free to take the drug anytime to enjoy great sexual activity.